this ad promotes a sexist view of women and sexuality, and exploits them for the purpose os selling the cause
this ad promotes a sexist western patriarchal view of women's sexuality and imagery, and exploits that image of woman by using it as a commodity to further an anti-exploitation cause, thus sending a mixed message
This image sells the idea that a woman's natural state is unsexy and unattractive
This image suggests the very sexist notion that a woman's natural state is unsexy and unattractive.

PETA  was founded in 1980 as an animal rights organization, gaining large amounts of public attention in 1981 for the Silver Springs Monkey case, in which the organization played a pivotal role in bringing attention to and shedding light on the horrifying cruelty behind the scenes of animal testing and laboratory "research".  Since then, PETA has been involved in many animal-rights projects that have exposed the horrifying treatment of animals in laboratories, factory farms, and circuses...

Hmmm..the circus.

Animals are put on display for human amusement, without care or attachment to the well-being of the animal, or purpose this imagery serves to facilitate an "acceptable" meme of exploitation in our society...

Kinda sounds the same as putting women on display, without care for the purpose that sexual objectification imagery serves to facilitate an "acceptable" meme of exploitation of women as sexual obejects in our society...

Female nudity being equated with sexuality is a dangerous idea - and to speak against it often leads to accusations of "prudishness" or "conservatism", oppression or repression.  But that is just not the case.  Being nude or naked should be a liberating experience, and not one that is always equated with sex.  But reinforcing the idea that a woman exposing herself is all about sex appeal is the reason why it is not only illegal but dangerous for a woman to be topless in public, whereas her male counterpart may walk around freely in most places without a shirt.  It is the reason why uncomfortable, often unpractical clothing is depicted as "sexy", while male images in the media include the entire spectrum (fat, thin, short, tall, light, dark) as potentially "sexy".  Imagine a world where nudity just meant nudity, and not sexy or unsexy.  This could be a reality if only we would stop buying in to sex the way the media sees fit to portray it, and buying in to sexism out of fear of being viewed as "unsexy".  We could decide for ourselves what turns us on, instead of letting mass media decide for us.  Exploitation hurts everyone, man and woman alike.

PETA exploits women, and it is just plain not vegan or compassionate to do so, much less ethical treatment of animals.  Placing woman in the role of "sex object' to sell a message is no different from placing a cow in the role of "food object" on the McDonald's menu.  Women are not here to serve as the western-patriarchal view of "sex object" any more than animals are here to serve the status-quo view of "cheap food".  We must be kind and compassionate to ALL life and LEAD BY EXAMPLE if we are to successfully convey any message; there is no room for hypocricy with such an important message on the line, and it is not vegan to preach respect for life while being disrespectful to women.

Another excellent blog on this subject:  Check out for another take on PETA's sexism and get those gears spinning!

peta still sucks
5/12/2013 15:39:42

People Eating Tasty Animals: Unethical psychopaths for animals since 1980

6/8/2015 22:08:00

i am not a peta fan, but i wouldn't waste MY blog posting about how i didn't like peta.. why give airtime to that? why not attack the injustice, exploitation and slavery machine instead of some organization who is against using non humans? humans bore me.. and this post is a prime example

William C French
6/9/2015 19:01:16

As does this response.


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